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    I legit love the first image. Used to be it was guys with big beards and glasses who did insane stuff like run Linux on a GPU for fun, now it’s catboys in VR. The future is a magical place.

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      In particular it feels like the trans and furry communities are overrepresented in the “doing weird shit on computers” space. Or maybe this could be a sampling bias since the majority of the people I know are one or both of those.

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        It’s not just your experience; as a non-queer non-furry, I know quite a few queer furries doing weird shit on computers; quite a few I’d consider friends. I suspect I know some reasons why (and there’s been posts here musing why too; i.e. soatok’s).

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          It would be cool if you could create a subthread that muted … anyway.

          Is it because it offends folks that need to be offended and it opens the Overton Window a little wider, as it should be?

          Found the post, https://lobste.rs/s/apl5u6/why_furries_make_excellent_hackers

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          I think it’s an accidental overlap with VR, because VR let’s you identify as a catgirl.

          It’s an awesome accidental overlap though, way more awesome than, ‘half of all programmers are converted accountants’. The future is going to be richer for it; don’t tell the accountants.

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            In particular it feels like the trans and furry communities are overrepresented in the “doing weird shit on computers” space

            To the point where “programmer socks” is a well-established meme. Programmers have always been weird, so that’s keeping the tradition alive

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              That’s a bit different - You choose your socks. You don’t really choose to be trans in the same way. Not quite sure where the furry point is on that line.

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                The “programmer socks” from the meme are typically very ‘feminine’ colored thigh-high socks, not the normal ankle-high kind the typical programmer wears.

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            I’m pretty sure this is the same group of people.

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            Wow, I had no idea that pixel shaders could be abused so much. Never thought I’d see a RISC-V emulator running on a GPU (inside VRChat, of all things)

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              This is well into “Curse those fools at the institute. I’ll show them. I’ll show them all!” levels of mad science and I am incredibly impressed.

              The fact that there’s Perl generating C & HLSL is one of the least terrifying things happening here. ❤️

              One or two things sounded like they would have been easier to implement by compiling to DXIL directly instead of HLSL, but I assume that DXIL isn’t usable in context?

              I suggested adding the “art” tag. ❤️

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                More tags = less views, due to filtering.