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What do you guys think about allowing user defined tags similar to stack overflow? Maybe a certain amount of karma is required first etc.

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      I prefer the current “if you can’t find a tag for it, it probably doesn’t belong” situation.

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        How should I tag something about Haskell? Last I checked there was no tag for that. Meanwhile, the “science” tag seems like quite a catch-all that doesn’t help distinguish topics.

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          Agreed. I think the real issue is currently the finite set of tags is being used as a filter. Instead, if we focused on tags just being metadata, tags could provide more value. I realized my main use for tags is not filtering but I just like them for visually grepping the stories.

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        I think that’s what the voting is for: making sure the stories are things the community wants to read.

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      The main use-case here would be a ton of stories being posted about a new topic I don’t care to read about. The current process would the new topic to be recognized as needing a tag and requested by someone. We’d discuss and hopefully an admin would pick it up. User-defined tags, on the other hand, with the auto-lookup feature would allow this process to happen naturally and in real time. Maybe even allow other readers to add tags to stories after posting.

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      The stackexchange regime is good, but in order for it to work all the users need to understand that stackoverflow is a site for programming, and that serverfault is a site for sysadmin. To make this work here, everyone would need to understand the main topics, so it is easy to moderate off-topics tags.