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Dejavu is out with a major release of https://github.com/appbaseio/dejavu/releases/tag/3.0.0. It offers a clean, modern web UI for browsing your ElasticSearch data.

What you can do with it:

Import your data (JSON, CSV) files,

Browse data (powerful search and filtering), do CRUD operations add new mappings,

It comes with a GUI based query explorer view,

You can also visually create a faceted search UI.

If you are already familiar with the project, this version includes some major bells and whistles:

You can connect to multiple data indices,

Browse data present in nested JSON objects (as well as filtering on them),

2x-3x performance improvement and 50% reduction in heap usage - it should feel snappy to browse large datasets,

It's a rewrite from the ground up with the latest React version (v16.6) and makes the codebase more hackable and maintainable.

You can try it here:

Web (no installation): https://opensource.appbase.io/dejavu/

Docker Image: https://hub.docker.com/r/appbaseio/dejavu/

Chrome Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/dejavu.

You can read how it compares to other alternatives.