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      I still want to interview the person that switched from Rust to Cobol. In anyone knows them, please get in touch :).

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        I found them by looking at the GitHub repository associated with the article, pulling out the exact phrasing used, googling it, and looking at the only results that weren’t associated with the original article.

        Turns out it’s just a guy making a joke. Ah well.

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      Nothing bad about Go, but to be fair, if you write PHP code by only using the libraries you need (kill dependencies!) instead of depending on a (big) framework, you’d probably get closer to the Go performance and the lines of code.

      See also: http://www.phpthewrongway.com/

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        I’m a PHP developer and I have to tell you that cherry picking dependencies and libraries for a project is fine and swell when you a) work alone, b) have no deadlines, c) want to try some new stuff. Using established frameworks and platforms provides a lot of business value to the project. Using one of the big frameworks eases the barrier of entry, and sets a standard workflow for an entire team.

        This benefit comes at the cost of the buildup/teardown of the big frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, etc. So you aren’t wrong in saying “only use the libraries you need!” but its also a lot more expensive to get it right.