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Fantastic book about software design by the creator of Tcl/Tk.


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    I haven’t read the book, but noticed that the author presented the book and the topic at Google and it was published a few days ago. On YouTube here:


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      Have you read it? Would you mind reviewing it? Who should read it and why?

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        I’m about halfway through right now. I’d recommend it to anyone writing software; it’s like a shorter, more concise version of “Code Complete” but with better examples and with some unconventional wisdom (such as long methods aren’t bad if they encapsulate complex logic from start to finish)

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        A link to something more substantial than Amazon would be appreciated.

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          Looks like @amontalenti managed to find a talk by the author about the book in the comments.

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          creator of Tcl

          Not sure that was a good choice of recommendation.

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            To each their own. I’m a big fan of (parts of) Tcl, so that detail is what piqued my interest.