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Their share price closed at a year-end high yesterday. https://www.google.com/finance?q=NASDAQ%3ASYMC&ei=0u2GWOjxMIaa2AbhtY_gAQ

I haven’t met a person who’s said a good thing about their products. I would short if I wasn’t so cynical about the enterprise buyers market…


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    Note that this batch contains a certificate for test.com while there is an apparently legitimate certificate for test.com issued by Network Solutions. Also, there is a certificate for a subdomain of a Korean bank’s domain: https://crt.sh/?sha256=DA7B1D433C071DA7A389EE2A4CAB854B89E441277B41E608F05FB7C7C6B2A761 Symantec certificate says «organizationName = test», whois says «standardchartered.co.kr, Registrant : Standard Chartered Bank Korea Limited».

    example.com is the least of the problems here…