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      I have a version of this called “almanac” which I ported (well, reimplemented) from MWC Coherent (7/12/88) on Multics, and used it’s data files to start, but updated for some newer events and added a Technology/Multics specific database too. I’ll have to check this one out as well, mostly to look over the db files.

      From the Multics ‘almanac’ output for today (sorry, no cool Multics facts inn September 13):

      September 13 1814: Fort McHenry shelled; inspires the "Star Spangled Banner".

      September 13 2000: Steve Jobs introduces the public beta release of Mac OS X

      September 13 1819: Born: Clara Wieck Schumann, pianist & composer, Leipzig.

      September 13 1851: Born: Walter Reed, physician & epidemiologist.

      September 13 1874: Born: Arnold Schoenberg, composer, Vienna.

      September 13 1876: Born: Sherwood Anderson, playwright, Camden, Ohio.

      September 13 1894: Born: J. B. Priestly, novelist & playwright, Yorkshire.

      September 13 1592: Died: Michel de Montaigne, essayist

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      The one on Debian gives an odd mix of stuff. Here’s today:

      Sep 13 Walter Reed born, 1851

      Sep 13 58 °C (136.4 °F) measured at el Azizia, Libya, 1922

      Sep 13 British defeat the French at the Plains of Abraham, just outside the walls of Quebec City, 1759

      Sep 13 Building of Hadrian’s Wall begun, 122

      Sep 13 Chiang Kai-Shek becomes president of China, 1943

      Sep 13 Barry Day commemorates the death of Commodore John Barry, USA

      Sep 13 Bonne fête aux Aimé !

      Sep 13 Kornél

      Sep 13 День российской печати

      In addition to being a strange selection, some of the dates seem to be wrong. The Russian Wikipedia article on День российской печати (“Day of the Russian Press”) says it’s celebrated on January 13.

      edit: That last one appears to come out of /usr/share/calendar/ru_RU/calendar.common, which gives its date, correctly, as 13 янв. (13 Jan). So some date/locale conversion must be screwing up somewhere.

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        My install (Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS) correctly identifies День Волха Змеевича (day of Volha Zmeevich) as 14 Sep. The Russian Press day is not included. It is included on Jan 13 though:

        $ calendar -t 0113 | grep 'День'
        Jan 13  День российской печати
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          I checked on an Ubuntu install and got the same behavior as you. On my Debian install though (current ‘testing’ distribution), Russian Press Day seems to show up on the 13th day of every month, even though it’s correctly only on Jan 13 in the source file.