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    I had no idea GNU Make is extensible with Guile. That’s the most important takeaway I got from a silly post lately.

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      I had no idea make was extensible at all, hence the post!

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      define check_relation
       psql -d $(PG_DB) -c "\d $@" > /dev/null/ 2>&1 ||
      check_relation "damn_table"

      Is it just me, or is this not even close to actual functioning code?

      For one thing the relevant keyword is endef (one d, not two); for another, that’s…not at all how function calls look in (g)make. For a third, calling that definition a “function” seems like a bit of a stretch, since it’s not parameterized (no $1 references or anything).

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        Thank you for the feedback, I’ve included the whole example from DataMade so it would be more clear how this fits. Basically it does substitute the value of the command to the check_relation it finds in the text so I would call it a function but it is true that it should not be parameterized.