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    I am honestly not sure whether this belongs here, but it was such a shock that I had to share it.

    So I stumbled across this site by randomly remembering lemonparty.org (warning: NSFW shock site from the 90’s). When I checked it a few hours ago, I was surprised to be redirected to a chat interface straight out of the 90’s.

    You can play music, share gifs, images, take a webcam picture, and even customize how your own text should look to other users.

    I instantly had vivid memories of 1997-child-me trying and failing to figure out how to use AOL.

    It may not be remarkable, and the chat is admittedly uninteresting most of the time, but seems like one of the last remaining holdouts of 90’s-era design that isn’t satire. I was amazed.

    I posted a twitter thread with some screenshots and random thoughts. https://twitter.com/theshawwn/status/1167371011509108736

    It makes you wonder if something like this can survive today at scale. Imagine if facebook or twitter let users customize how their font should look, right down to the color (and background color).

    From the site:

    Our chat application has been active since the year 2000, long before the creation of today’s social media sites and even before myspace came on to the web-world scene. It has been used on some of the most desirable domains the internet has to offer (See the Poo.Com Chat Site History page for more details).

    In addition to those rare factors, our chat also supports the use of the Hypertext Markup Language being posted and parsed directly into the chat! This is something that few chat sites would even consider to undertake. As well as creating completely customised Alias Tags in HTML, adding a potentially stylish (depending on the level of your HTML-fu) look to your chat posts.

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      It’s fun, but it’s also XSS protection from the year 2000. Let’s hope nobody else figures out how you can set your name to <plaintext> before they read the bug report :P

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      I love this. I love this so much. The chat even scrolls from top to bottom, I thought they had made a mistake and scrolled there myself. It’s like they said fuck it to all the rules.

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        Maybe it’s so old that there wasn’t a well established chat ordering back then. I mean we ended up with email clients standardizing on top-posting.

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          I used to administrate a metal chat and a bulletin board back in 1998-2003 (then moving on to getting a modbit in a Ruby Forum and so on) and the chat had top to bottom. It was quite usual.

          In any case anyone ever wonders why I got this very community drift to interacting with technology: it’s my path and the by and large, the community has treated me well for it.

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        thank you for sharing it