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    This reads AI-written. Two things stand out:

    • There’s no “memory” between any of the three frameworks. Article never draws comparisons between them, and when it talks about how Fastify follows 6.12, it doesn’t remember what it said about 6.12 earlier in the piece.
    • This section in “Express.js”:

    Node.js best practice 6.16 recommends the use of third-party regex validation packages such as validator.js and safe-regex to detect vulnerable patterns. It discourages implementing your own Regex patterns, as poorly written regexes are susceptible to regex DoS attacks and can be easily exploited to block event loops completely.

    Despite being in the Express.js section, it doesn’t mention what Express actually does about this.

    I’ve read pieces as low quality as this before, but by soulless content farms contracting out to overworked freelancers. Wouldn’t surprise me if they migrated to bots.