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I suggest a new function for the Unix standard C library: brexit(3): perform normal program termination and remove the binary from the disk.


Just if it wasn’t clear: brexit(3) stands for “binary remove exit”. Should we vote on it?


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    I love a good joke — heck, I even love a good bad joke as I’ve demonstrated here myself on occasion. And because I get that the nature of this proposal is very serious —after all, it was made on Twitter — I do want to note that jokes, puns, intentional ambiguity and so forth might become something less innocent when their scope changes, when what was said jumps across from the safe arena of conversations to other, more serious domains.

    We should be careful. brexit(3) as a joke I would say is only slightly worse than my own remark about ‘Conodo’. Although he made up for it in his second tweet — C as a democracy, that’ll be the day. Cmocr.. no, i’ll let this one slide.

    Still, I do hope we won’t see the actual thing shoot roots in the C library. Imagine we would: in the Netherlands many people want a similar referendum for a “Nexit”. And then what? We’ll get nexit(3) which, come to think about it, would probably do pretty well as an alias for noop, considering the effect their most recent referendum had. None. So all in all I think it’ll be better for both functions to stay off the table. And as for voting on C functions, well, I’m still undecided on that one.

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      @mbalmer remove binary and break lots of things…


      @fcbsd It should be mentioned in the man page that those calling brexit(3) must not care about the consequences.

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        I lolled. And then cried :‘(