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    The crypto/tls package now supports X25519 and ChaCha20-Poly1305. ChaCha20-Poly1305 is now prioritized unless hardware support for AES-GCM is present.

    Hooray! This was one of the reasons I was still using a nginx proxy in the front end.

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      Maybe add the release tag?

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        Lobsters tip: there is “suggest” link next to flag/hide etc so that you can do this yourself. When enough (system-configured) people make the same suggestion, suggestion is automatically applied.

        I already made the suggestion. (Edit: And it is now applied!)

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          Thanks sanxiyn! I don’t see that button on mobile but it’s good to know that it exists.

          EDIT: On desktop now, I still don’t see any link. Do you need to have a certain score to unlock that feature? After briefly looking at Lobsters source code I don’t see any logic to that effect.

          EDIT 2: Okay, I found the code, I have > 10 karma but still cannot see any visible flag/suggest links in the single story view.

          EDIT 3: I’m still a new user (< 7 days), sorry for the confusion! Should start seeing the suggestion box in ~2 more days :)