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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      I’ll be running a game of my homebrew RPG system, Whittledice and Parchment. We only have about an hour to play, so I’m hoping the tiny system and simple rules will make that easier.

      I’m also finishing up moving from my old apartment in the basement of a co-op to a condo on the 5th floor of a mid-rise on the outskirts of Chicago! I’m very excited.

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        Update: it went very well, with both the novice and the experienced D&D player getting into the groove quickly. They found a typo in the rules, too, which is useful!

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      The weather forecast suggests moderate wind with reasonable gusts on Saturday. I’m going to see if I can fly a kite.

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        Saturday was a bust, but Sunday worked really well for about an hour. Off to research kites to replace the one that a tree ate.

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      Clean house, and probably try to finish my 4th attempt to clear the Path of Exile campaign for the first time.

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      Finishing up a fun, but busy, week at work today! Very excited to take it easy for the weekend. I started playing Dead Cells again, so I’ll probably be getting a few hours of that in this weekend :D

      I’m supposed to go to the arcade with a couple new friends that I met a couple months ago, but we haven’t planned out a specific time yet. So hopefully that goes well! I moved here to San Francisco only a few months ago, so I’m still trying to put a lot of time into socializing.

      I also received a ton of tomatoes from my mom a few days ago and I’m still trying to figure out how to use all of them so they don’t go to waste. My go to tomato dish is Chinese Tomato-Scrambled Eggs (西红柿炒蛋), but I don’t wanna make a gigantic amount of that. If anyone’s got any favorite tomato based recipes that i can make a ton of at once and that can last a while please let me know! I’m only really familiar with Chinese food, so I’m sure there’s a lot of recipes that I don’t know about.

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      Working on my game code, I’m still refactoring things. Code is quite awkward right now. (I’m unemployed in france right now).

      Currently it’s aimed to be a shipping/factory game, a bit like factorio, but with many more items, with population, and without belt or inserters, so a bit easier to manage.

      I also tried to generate a call graph using ctags and python, but I epic-failed (it’s non trivial to resolve function calls, and using regex yielded horrors). I’m not really willing to use other tools to do this (requires clang and other heavy tools).

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      Taking a week off for the first time in six months, digging into OCaml.

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      I am working on an article about how to send an ICMP ping in Ada using only the standard library and binding to C sockets. It’s a port of when I did it in C++ to learn about ICMP and it’s been edifying to practice reading RFCs.

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      Working on Persism which is a low ceremony ORM for Java. Working on a couple of caching improvements and I want to try to get Docker and VirtualBox to play nice.

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      Working on a microblog for lists that I launched a week ago. Specifically adding subdomain support.


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      Doing my best to learn Lit. If anyone has some advice, I would love to hear it.

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      I got a technical interview on monday so i will practice for that. Probably going to try create one of my Qt apps.. If I get it to in some good workable state I will probably ask if they want to review that instead.

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      Camping! Gonna go spend a week in the woods. Weather looks good (apart from tomorrow) so there should be a fair amount of hiking and general relaxing, but I’m also hoping to get some coding done on personal projects in the evenings. Also diving into Statistical Rethinking, a book a friend got me.

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      I’ll be collecting more feedback on a little puzzle game I’ve been working on the last few weeks, got some family and friends trying it out.

      Also I’m “scanning” a book via an extremely makeshift setup involving a pane of glass and a stack of cardboard boxes. The book is “Dictionary for Computer Languages” by Hans Breuer, it’s a 1966 reference for translating between Algol 60 and Fortran II and IV.

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      I’ll be working on a VR game I was making a couple of months ago but got busy with work. :)

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      Bashing my head against QBE, trying to get it to spit out m68k assembly.

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      Spending some time with my sons before I take them home to spend Mother’s Day with their mom tomorrow. Also taking out my partner to celebrate Mother’s Day tonight and possibly meeting up tomorrow. Aside from that, chores, exercise, and some compute time. Hoping for some time continuing my work on a song I’m working on.