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    With recent talks of using WebAssembly outside the browser, I began to think that the most promising place to use WebAssembly outside the browser is to replace BPF in the kernel.

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      More generally, being able to have kernel modules that run at native speed but cannot cause a kernel panic (the wasm runtime could, but assuming that part is correct the modules it runs could not).

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      I like this project and will try it out.

      I work with a group using Python and R. A frequent request is that they want to run a program on their workstation with a chosen dat set, but don’t want to risk the entire system. This could be because of unknown packages or because they are running code from a collaborator.

      I don’t have a good answer for this other than docker, but many don’t know docker.

      I would like a sandbox where if they make a mistake or get some malware, they delete the sandbox, Republicans the code and data and start again from zero. But don’t lose anything.