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Have any plans for the weekend? Feel free to share!


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    Going to a Wayne’s World scripting party, where we spend some time getting drunk trying to remember all the dialogue from the film, then watch the film to see how close we were(n’t).

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      Damn. Sounds fun. Where do people that do this sort of thing live?

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        Toronto. It was the first one I went to and it was a blast, I’m probably going to host my own soon.

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      Progress report: got my MPD client where I wanted to, currently teaching my bash/zsh directory navigator to save and restore runtime configuration. It’ll be useful soon. By the way, C++ STL streams really suck with how you can’t get at the fileno.

      I think I’ll be either toying around with Borland Turbo Vision (yes) for work or writing a basic terminal vi-like text editor in Go. Just to test a few things—I haven’t written a text editor from scratch before, and I’ll need a text editing component for a GUI framework later. Qt Creator 4.8 will be great enough for me to not care about true IDEs for a while. The LSP integration is a big thing: hello Go, hello Vala!

      No life for me yet. Life has been postponed until about next year.

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        Interestingly, sdn exposes a bug in LLVM’s libc++ std::basic_string that I’ve reported:

        #include <string>
        struct big { int bloat[4]; };
        using big_string = std::basic_string<big>;
        int main () {
          big_string a;
          for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
            a += big {};
          return 0;
        $ clang++ -stdlib=libc++ reproducer.cpp
        $ valgrind ./a.out
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        I’m picking up my election day materials. I’m probably one of the few Crustaceans that’s in elected office: Judge of Elections for my district! It’s a start on learning more about how elections are conducted. The election on Tuesday will be my second in my position.

        TL;DR VOTE TUESDAY NOVEMBER 6 and you’ll see me if you live within ~500 yards of me, haha.

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          I’m working on memes for a new social news site built in Arc. (Yes, that Arc.)

          I’ve reluctantly concluded that memes are a form of advertising, and that every successful endeavor naturally generates them. And while it seems somewhat lame to try to generate your own, they at least amuse me: https://imgur.com/cDQyhln

          More seriously, it’s been interesting to consider how to displace Hacker News. I think it’s time. For example, this is on lobsters’ front page, but mysteriously absent from HN’s. I was pretty shocked about that, and I’m speaking as someone who used to sift through hundreds of HN stories for gems.

          The current plan is not to fight HN directly, but to transcend them. There are two facts: 1. Reddit’s moderation tools suck compared to HN’s, and 2. no one has made something better available to the masses. So that’s what I’m doing.

          On Lambda News, you’ll be able to make your own lambda. (lambda : LN :: subreddit : Reddit.) Why would you do this? Because you’ll be able to do the same things that the HN mods do: move stories up and down as you see fit; curate your own front page; change titles of stories to whatever you feel is a better fit; re-rank people’s comments regardless of upvotes; ban them, slowban them, or muzzle them by restricting them to two comments every 3 hours. And if you’re a business who wants to establish a brand presence, that’s fine.

          From a user’s perspective, you’ll get the benefits that HN affords you: You can make a profile for yourself (which is strangely absent on Reddit). You can compete in the arena of words, and climb to the top of the rankings with nothing but your charm and wit. And, since I intend to be the first person making lambdas, most shit commentary will be ruthlessly purged. I expect /l/memes will spring up pretty quickly, though.

          From a technical perspective, it’s been interesting bootstrapping the endeavor by riding off of pg’s old arc 3.1 codebase. I’ve ported it to JS and it’s held up quite nicely.

          React is a first-class feature of Arc now. You can write (<a> href: "https://lobste.rs" "Lobsters") to make a link to Lobsters. That compiles to React.createElement("a", {href: "https://lobste.rs"}, "Lobsters"), which of course becomes the good old <a href="https://lobste.rs">Lobsters</a> that we know and love, thanks to ReactDom.renderToStaticMarkup().

          Speaking of massively long names, it’s so nice to write (print:html (<a> href: "https://lobste.rs" "Lobsters")) instead of ReactDom.renderToStaticMarkup((<a href="https://lobste.rs">Lobsters</a>));. Macros also make it possible to use React without having to make a class for every single component, which is at least 2x less code. (I wouldn’t be shocked if it ends up being 10x less.) It’s also just as maintainable.

          The WIP screenshot is pretty unassuming: https://imgur.com/0Ba0NZN

          I don’t expect most people to care about it until it goes live. But if you happen to want to chill with me in Discord and chat about Lisp or life or your favorite book, I set up a Discord server for LN: https://discord.gg/qaqkc9z

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            The strength of HN is its large community, esp key people in projects or historical work. You have to get most or all of them to even match HN much less transcend it. Many good designs and stuff have been posted on HN itself inviting folks to alternatives. They didn’t work.

            I doubt you’ll hit Reddit or HN level. However, you might be able to attract your own community defining a new style like what happened with Lobsters. We co-exist nicely with them at this point with each site being complementary. Yours might be the next one on our list.

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            Local 2600 meeting is tonight, so I hope to play around with some licensed packet radio.

            Otherwise, more writing for me :)

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              Have you tried out a HackRF? It was pretty amazing to play with.

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                I have not, I can’t begin to justify the cost to buy one, and don’t know anyone with one.

                I know the author of Chattervox, as he has been coming to the 2600 meetIngs. We’ve been getting a little network working every first Friday :) https://github.com/brannondorsey/chattervox

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              So after some trouble with Amazon delivery my Ender 3 will be coming this weekend

              This has given me some time to mess with blender and create a few simple projects to try printing out

              I would like to eventually recreate some of the classic Counter-strike maps I created 10+ years ago :-)

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                • families belated birthday dinner for me :)
                • rest!
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                  Working on an article on what happened to network transparency in X, and hopefully also getting Arcan network transparency usable at about the same time.

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                    Support for loops in my toy programming language tinySelf.

                    I am kind of stuck on this one, because it is “bytecode and stack” programming language, and cycles are just messages to block (anonymous “lambda” object closure) repeated as long as the block is true or false.

                    [a = b] whileTrue: [do something]

                    “Primitive” methods (implemented in “native code”) can’t get result of the block evaluation, and there is no support for jumps in bytecode (also I consider this quite inelegant). And implementation with recursion will eat up all stack without tail call optimization, which is something I want to avoid right now. So, I am not sure how to implement it. I am kind of inclined to use forth-like instruction stack, which will have precedence over bytecode-crunching-loop, so primitive would be able to put there instructions like “get result of the evaluation of this block, evaluate block with body and then call again this primitive”, but I did not yet decided whether this is what I want.

                    So, my weekend plans are to think about this, maybe draw few diagrams, or try few approaches and decide what suits me best.

                    Other than that, I would also like to do some writing, I have some stories and blogs which I would like to finish.

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                      Oh, interesting puzzle. Would it be hard to implement TCO? It seems like the right answer.

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                      No plans in particular. I’ve been really busy the last few weeks, and everything’s finally settling down, so mainly just relaxing.

                      I’m going to read a few more chapters of “How to Lie With Maps”

                      Arapahoe Basin opened a couple weeks back, so I may go up Sunday afternoon and get some runs in.

                      And I’d like to get back to work on my book scanning project. There are a few loose ends I need to tie up with the code, and then I just need to take pictures of all of my books…

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                        Now that Flickr is reverting to a shutterbug site, instead of ad funded cameraphone backup service, my Rustwell project is more relevant to my life and other people’s so I’m going to give it more love this weekend.

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                          I’m doing a few things, all of which I’m fairly stoked for:

                          • Helping a friend learn React
                          • Learning more Go for myself (I’m building a web api and bot with it at the moment)
                          • Starting a game with Phaser for Github’s Game Off
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                            I’m trying to come up with an idea for National Novel Generation Month. It will be hard to top my 2015 entry wherein I wrote a partial MS-DOS emulator to run Racter against Eliza.

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                              I’ll start going through the nightly version of the Rust Book. My Rust has gotten a bit rusty, so I figured I’ll review it – plus I never read the 2nd edition from cover to cover. November is “marraskuu” in my native language, so I declared this month “marrustkuu”.

                              Yes, I know how bad that was.

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                                Home: I am finishing up refinishing my wood floors. I did most of the sanding last weekend. I have some small spots left around the edges in some rooms plus the staircase.

                                Work: I am trying to edit some papers that I have been writing for some time. Hopefully I get enough time to sit down and work on them.

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                                  I’m planning on spending some time learning how to build websites in F#/.NET, as a means of trying something other than Go that seems to be deployable across a decent number of platforms (not as many as Go, ARM support seems to still be WIP), but so that I when I’m working on my personal wiki software, I’ll be able to use my software both on my personal linux server and on my Windows work laptop.

                                  Other than that, going to enjoy some downtime and catching up around the house.

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                                    Going out with friends tonight (It’s the release of the Christmas brew today… I intend on being one of the few sober people in the bar) Tomorrow it’s the yearly Christmas dinner with my old friends from school Sunday it’s boardgames with my friends from Uni.

                                    And some relaxing in between =)

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                                      I’m flying to Chicago to see a friend’s band play on Sunday night. I intend to eat all of the things, perhaps just walk around all day, perhaps a visit to the auld stompin’ grounds. This is my second weekend in a row of solo travel (Montreal last weekend), so I owe my wife a couple of weekends to herself without the kids, but that’s OK.

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                                        After three months in Odessa (wonderful) and a weekend in Tbilisi (wonderful), I am returning to London (sigh) today for a month.

                                        I’d like to continue working through the TLA+ book, but I am currently stuck on the knapsack problem in the third chapter.

                                        Would be cool if there were some study group for the book, or some more incremental exercises so I can learn by doing more.

                                        If anyone can help with this I’d appreciate it.

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                                          Me and my wife and kids are meeting my sister and her husband and son at the Ren Faire for the weekend. If the weather holds out, it’ll be a lovely time for all.

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                                            First half marathon on Sunday. I’m nervous and excited.

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                                              I’m going to a “surrealist soirée” with my rented black-tie tuxedo and some kind of strange hat or head makeup that I’ll figure out tomorrow…

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                                                Reading up on LLVM-IR with the goal of being able to link multiple files and eventually add support for inline ASM to a programming language.

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                                                  I’m writing a broadcaster for the rss feed of my blog. Currently Twitter is targeted.

                                                  Previously I used Microsoft Flow, because I wanted to try the paradigm (dataflow blocks based, like IFTT). However nice and handy Flow could be, it is incredibly buggy, I even failed to connect Microsoft services with it. I connected support, but it takes more effort than to write what I need in real code.

                                                  I have checked the possible ways to solve it, and I’ve chose C# + Azure Functions (recurring) + Azure Table Storage to store already processed items. I’ve checked AWS, and Azure as well, but this is the cheapest way to solve it. (BTW: AWS Lambda supports dotnet core nowadays. Nice!) The Twitter API access activation is full meme. Last night I almost finished it, and have found some nice libraries and lots of … not so nice ones. :)

                                                  Not strictly technical: Then I’m helping an elderly friend of the family who is in hospital now by getting a tablet with internet for him. Hopefully the mechanic finishes the repairs on my car today so I can take it to him.

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                                                    I’ll be getting a brand new HVAC installed along with sleeping this week’s stress away.

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                                                      I am repainting the interior of the hard top for my Jeep and adding some sound-deadening headliners to make driving a bit more comfortable this winter.

                                                      I’m apparently also providing intermittent integration support for a metagenomic analysis pipeline - tying together two broken third-party applications with shell scripts to make one big (working?) application. Every time I think I have a weekend off…you know the rest.

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                                                        Having ripped some of the kitchen out to fit a ginormous fridge/freezer in, I now need to buy some more cupboards/drawers that fit around the behemoth. This will involve a trip to IKEA. Made bearable by the fact I can eat meatballs for lunch whilst there.

                                                        Also need to get my second microserver reliably booting from an SSD in the ODD bay, currently it needs a RAID array of one device recreating by hand on every boot to get it to use the SSD as a boot drive which is … tiresome. Highly tempted to just swap the SATA connections for HDD slot 1 & the ODD bay over. It’ll happily boot from HDD slot 1 without the RAID trickery.

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                                                          Contributing to some Nim libraries and tools.