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Are you stuck home with lots of time to read? Do you wish talks could skip the background and focus on the presenter’s unique knowledge?

Then we have a virtual meetup for you, adhoc community! :)

This Thursday’s (4PM ET / 20:00 UTC) theme: make computer reliably do things fast.

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    Why do people feel a need to mimic traditional meatspace events online?

    I believe semi-synchronous format would be much better. All presenters record videos of theit talks and publish them on a specified date. Then they all make a commitment to answer any questions for 24 (or 48, or whatever) hours.

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      This sounds like it’d work much better. Do you know of any communities doing this, or is it just an idea?

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        At Revision Online 2020 the talks were prerecorded and premiered on the organizers’ Twitch channel. The speakers were active on the chat during the talks and reachable on Discord afterwards. The recordings were then uploaded to YouTube.

        I think it worked OK but some people had poor mics or cameras because the recordings were done at home. An unexpected benefit was that the talks actually felt more personal since you could see the speaker’s face, which isn’t a given in a regular conference setting.

        Edit: This was similar to the Adhoc event, but the talk recordings were almost immediately available so I don’t see the difference to the “semi-synchronous” format.