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      If you notice one difference, it would probably be that commands that act on the symbol at point (e.g. cider-doc) will no longer prompt you to confirm the symbol. The old default was a mistake and I wanted to adjust this for this grand release.

      Best news I’ve heard all day! It’ll be nice to remove the override of this setting from my Emacs config.

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      fewer and fewer people are using CIDER and Emacs every year

      Do you mean fewer people are using Emacs in general or specifically as a Clojure editor? Recently I got the feeling Emacs was gaining popularity again, but I’m certainly not involved in the community as much as you.

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        Both. I’m pretty sure that less people are using Emacs for Clojure development, and I haven’t seen any data indicating that Emacs’s long-term downtrend in usage has reversed. I guess it’s safe to say that Emacs will remain a relatively niche editor going forward.

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          The real question is:

          how many total emacs users exist, rather than, what percentage of developers use emacs?