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    Interesting to see the big three all toss their hats into the ring of wearables.

    Unrelated: I can’t watch the video on that page on Firefox in Ubuntu. Cmon MS :)

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      Also interesting are the shapes - Google has a traditional circle, Apple has a square, and MS has the rectangle. Will be interesting to see what form factor becomes dominant.

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        If any. Maybe this market segment will not converge towards a single design like laptops and phones have.

        A watch is a fashion item, and fashion values diversity, as uniqueness is a key selling point.

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          There were different laptop designs? Can I ask like such? I guess I am too young to know.

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            Well, laptop designs varied wildly in the early days. In the 80’s, you had laptops resembling the current designs (although obviously bulkier), luggables (small CRT tube, deep case, detachable keyboard), and various other experiments.

            In the 90’s, people moved to ultra-compact devices (6"/7"/10" screens, with a huge border of course), calculator-style devices running full-blown DOS, and even tablets. They tried to improve user comfort with the strangest of experiments.

            In fact, come to think of it, laptop design still hasn’t converged, as the common clam shell design is being challenged by tablet computers with keyboard docks, true laptops with detachable displays, convertibles and hybrid devices.

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              oh hey, I have two butterflies!

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                I’m jealous! I’m a big TP fan, but I don’t think I’ll buy another. They ruined the trackpoint, and that was their unique selling point. They also lowered the quality of the case and design I my eyes.