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There’s been a bunch of tag suggestion threads on the front page lately and I’d like to filter them out. Can we get a tag suggestion tag?


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    tag suggestion: suggestion of a 'tag suggestion' tag

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      Tag suggestion posts are rare. There’s been a bunch in the past day or two, but I can’t imagine the pace continuing.

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        On IRC, spinda rued the fact that there was no ‘party pooper’ downvote option for your comment. I however appreciate your answering this post straightforwardly.

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          I did mean that as a joke, just so we’re clear…

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            Is that a lobste.rs-specific IRC channel that I’m unaware of, or a general comment that it happened on IRC?

            EDIT: Well I never, completely missed chat in the bottom right.

            1. [Comment removed by author]

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                I hadn’t seen that yet either. Much fun :)

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                  It was a recent April Fool’s joke that was made permanently available by popular demand.

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            we need to go deeper with the tag suggestions.

            I do agree though, it would be nice to filter out the tag suggestion type posts from the meta posts that are usually about the community itself.

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              When I saw this I thought I had accidentally submitted a partial draft with the exact same title

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                I thought about making something like facebook before facebook existed.

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                  Instead, you posted about it on Lobste.rs, and in an alternate timeline, The Zuck just stole it, ran all the way to a time masheen, and now look where we’re at.

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                Thank you ?