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    I felt this was a poor sensational article. There seem to be two points. One is that credit cards can be stolen at the point of sale. Just like every other store and restaurant and whatever. Is there reason to believe staying at a hotel is more dangerous in this regard than shopping at target? Two is that you may connect to a rogue access point and somehow screw up all on your own. Is this more dangerous than any coffee shop or airport lounge or city wifi park?

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      The obvious difference is that you have full undisturbed access to a room which, often enough, has access to the rest of the network.

      The article clearly states that if they put a usb stick in the point of sale, that would be sufficient. But it goes on and show just how many options an attacker can have in a hotel environment.

      What’s the point of calling it sensationalistic when it covers its bases and present a clear scope: a number of attackers in a single room with their computers, that’s all.

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        The first part is definitely sensational. The second I think less so, although you are correct that the danger is not limited to hotels.