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      This resource is more about how our current tech stack works. Kudos to the author for trying to explain it.

      As an exercise in personal development, I once wrote five short blog posts about why computers work (start here), aimed at a general non-technical reader. The process of thinking about what to explain, how to explain it, the story to tell and for whom, was a very stimulating way for me to get my own ideas in order.

      I highly recommend such a process: it’s a fun way to express both creative and analytical aspects of oneself (that nobody reads it is not the point, the journey of getting such thoughts down is hugely satisfying and useful).

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        Yeah, this looks more like IT than computer science. I did a search on the main page and failed find any mention of “algorithm”.

        Still, seems like a good resource for coders (and those who want to be one).

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