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    Completely web-driven patchset submission and code review

    Hopefully hits the master soon!

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      I love Sourcehut and appreciate all your work, and I’m happy to continue supporting it, but when 1/4 of your votes here are “downvote, spam” it’s time to tone down the PR a little. Don’t stop, just slow it down a little in this venue. It’s a hard balance to strike between “not advertising at all” and “spam”.

      Keep up the good work though! Among the 5% of us or whatever who prefer hg it’s a killer feature, IMO. Nobody else offers mercurial support as a first class feature. If you ever get to the point where you can hire a sysadmin or devops engineer, I will happily apply! I might try to get some Rust on you though. ;-)

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        If you’re talking to Drew, he’s not the one who posted this, nor the one who directed anyone else to post it. Drew just wrote the blog post, and I think we can agree that Drew can write as many blog posts as he wants.

        Amin is a different person; he’s a GNU friend and the one who posted it to Lobsters.

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          Honestly didn’t realize. It’s been a long week. In that case it’s directed at those fans who repost Drew’s work. Thanks!

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          I find the mass of spam flags on this article to be entirely inappropriate. It’s an interesting write-up about a great project, and just the fact that the person behind it (who didn’t even share the link, presumably due to reactions like this in the past) is an active lobste.rs user doesn’t make it spam. It feels a bit like some people here have a personal issue with sourcehut or Drew.

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            I’m relatively new to Lobsters (a few months old, or so). I find the Lobsters community quizzical and peculiar sometimes. Most commenters are articulate and intelligent, and sometimes friendly and supportive. Sometimes, though, I see a surprising degree of aggression and zealotry when it comes to downvoting and trying to keep the posting stream “pure” in terms of on-topic vs. off-topic. It can be striking.

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            as a rando in this, I do feel pretty OK with members of the community having their stuff shared (I would even say it merits some sort of link-back? Like “drew’s thing”). It helps to re-inforce that we are a community, and that this website isn’t just some random link aggregator)

            Of course one shouldn’t be super spammy about stuff (and I don’t know the mindset of the 7 people who voted as spam), but I think having a way of “linking back” to a lobsters user would be a neat feature.

            Something like “via X, authored by Y” (if you know who it’s from)

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              Get the PR going :)

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              I love Sourcehut and appreciate all your work, and I’m happy to continue supporting it, but when 1/4 of your votes here are “downvote, spam” it’s time to tone down the PR a little.

              I am not sure that I agree in this case. There is a lot of stuffing of the front page by people who primarily submit their own stuff and rarely or never comment on lobste.rs, so are not really part of the community. Drew engages far more in discussions than he does submissions (currently 294 comments, 14 submissions at this point), so he is actually an active community member.

              Also, a counterpoint to the downvoting is that SourceHut/Drew posts receive a lot of upvoting, so the posts seem to be generally appreciated in this community.

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                There’s certainly a mini cult-of-personality thing going on with Drew on Lobsters but I don’t think anyone is intentionally being spammy. I’ll throw an up vote your way though since you thoughtfully articulated your concern even if it was misguided (given who posted the original link) and I appreciate that.