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      Very nice writeup!

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      LOL at the title. +1.

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        Hi, I’m the one that invited you to lobsters so I’m at least fractionally responsible for what you post. Please don’t post/comment stuff like this, it adds nothing. When you do get downvoted, don’t complain about getting downvoted. If they didn’t reply to you to explain the downvote, commenting again to add more noise to the original noise that merited getting downvoted-without-reply is counter-productive. I’ve found it’s better to delete the comment and move on from the thread.

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        To the down-voter … I laughed, and decided to share, and … you decided to down-vote. Gee thanks, idiot. Please kindly rack off to Stack overflow where you clearly belong … Apparently there a few duplicate / off-topic questions over there still waiting to be closed. Or so I last heard.

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      Some RUTHLESS downvotes down here in the comment sections