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Part of a neat series talking about squeezing lighting performance out of a simulated resource-restricted console. In this entry, the author writes directly to “RAM” to quickly switch palettes and achieve a light gradient effect.


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    I lose so much excitement for pico8 when I remember that the runtime is closed source :(

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      Why does that matter? Do you think the project would be in a better state if it was open source? Would you or others be contributing, or would it still be this dev’s love child? And perhaps it is in such as healthy state right now, because he’s making a buck or two, as opposed to having another withering hobby repository on GitHub?

      Make no mistake, I love open source. And there’s points that can be made for security apps or apps dealing with sensitive data, among others.

      But here we have a tool, a toy, even educational. It’s not that different from XCode or Visual Studio, on the bottom line.

      I love what this guy is doing, and my excitement does not diminish one bit by the absence of runtime source code. Especially as long as the project is vibrant and active.

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        I’m glad he’s making money on it, and if it were a game I might even be excited about it, but for anything involving creative output I agree with the grandparent; having it be proprietary just takes the excitement out of it.

        I don’t judge him for doing it, or resent that he’s not opening up the source, but I cannot work up any interest in developing anything creative atop someone’s proprietary platform.

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          Well in general I think freedom is important. In this specific case I thought “hey wouldn’t it be cool if I could port it to this platform I’m working on and get all this neat content” but I can’t.

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            It’s certainly great that lexaloffle can keep making money from their product, but it would be super fun to have a completely open source fictional console. Imagine a small ecosystem of offshoot consoles, each supporting some slightly different features or making different tradeoffs.

            With that said, lexaloffle is developing a next gen sort of console, this time voxel based!

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          Wow, this is one of the most well written graphics posts I’ve read recently. I like how the author shows the first approach you could take, then explains why it wouldn’t work, and offers a better alternative.

          Also, Lua and retro consoles are lots of fun :)