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    for your next project

    What kind of project? You never say. I see a list of packages including sass, Babel, and more. Is this for building static websites? Would I use this instead of create-react-app?

    I clicked through to your project’s homepage to learn more at https://starter.silvestarbistrovic.from.hr/

    Under the “project structure” section on the SPRO homepage, there’s a big tree output. I suggest annotating at least the directories with how each of them is used in the build process. Annotating the gulp file lines would also be helpful. For example, I have no idea what both gulpfile.js/.kss.js and gulpfile.js/kss.js are. Why are there two? Why is one hidden?

    You know what this dingus does. It may seem self-evident to you from the structure. That sometimes makes it hard to write down the obvious stuff in documentation without careful outlining. I’d recommend grabbing a friend who works in tech but might not be a front-end specialist, and having them read over your homepage and take notes on their questions.

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      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it. I will try to update the documentation for the project very soon.

      Now, to answer your questions:

      • It is not for building static websites, but it could be. It could be also used for WordPress theme development. The idea is that it could be used for any kind of project that needs to generate and compile CSS, JS, HTML, image or font files.
      • KSS stands for Knyle Style Sheets. That library parses CSS comments and generates styleguide.

      Stay tuned for updates!