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    Qwant privacy qwant.com

“Based and designed in Europe, Qwant is the first search engine which protects its users freedoms and ensures that the digital ecosystem remains healthy. Our keywords: privacy and neutrality.” (https://about.qwant.com/)


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    I’d also be curious about the technical differences between something like this and DuckDuckGo which also cites user privacy as a primary feature.

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      Dropping product pages here is annoying, especially with claims that can’t be verified.


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        protects its users freedoms

        No, it really doesn’t. Where’s the source code? https://github.com/qwant

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          On a logistical note.

          Say the source code is available, how do you confirm the service you are interacting with is running that codebase?

          ‘Freedom’ as a search engine, not everyone has the pocket change to do this.

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          The problem is they all suck.

          I’ve tried using Yandex.com as my main search engine after Google has blocked my access (asking me to explicitly accept some BS ToS).

          Yandex would routinely require captchas, often for every single query on some days (same non-shared IP at all times, alas one from a data centre network), and at one point simply started returning an entirely blank page — I complained to them on Twitter, and they’ve eventually fixed it, but never even acknowledged my Twitter complaint.

          The above doesn’t even consider the quality of results — Yandex is way too conservative when it comes to newer results. A few years ago, they ran a conference, and you could only find it through Google, even through it was right at one of Yandex’ own domains!

          BTW, one nice thing about Yandex is that you can actually contact their support by email — but the quality of the support is basically on par with the rest of the industry, so, don’t expect any miracles there. (My email complaints about the above captchas issue were all replied-to, but it didn’t seem to have made any difference.)

          (The problem I have with email support in general, however, is that I’m wasting my time troubleshooting their issues, and don’t even get any credit in the end.)

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            Typing an ‘a’ already autocompletes to ‘Adolf Hitler’. Not sure if this is because I’m on a German IP or for some other reason - the search results for ‘a’ display Amazon first.