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    I find it super compelling that Tailscale engineers are actually making contributions and giving feedback to this project.

    I know some people like to give Tailscale the hairy eyeball because it’s not 100% FLOSS, and that’s understandable for some use cases, but for my time & money Tailscale is nothing short of magical :)

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      I give it the hairy eyeball because it means giving a third party control of my private network. For a company that is almost certainly fine, but there is no way I would do that for a personal network.

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        Except that the whole point of this project is to remove the ONE proprietary bit that gave Tailscale control!

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      I use this for my personal infrastructure. It works really well. Only issue is having to compile the Android app from source, since the control server URL for the android app is hardcoded.

      I have heard that in a future update Tailscale intends to expose a developer setting to allow changing the control server URL within the official app… Though I’m not sure what the ETA is on that.

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        Just an update on this; apparently Tailscale is only going to expose the custom control server setting in Android MDM/enterprise settings, and not in the normal app settings exposed to normal users.

        Check out the conversation in this PR: https://github.com/tailscale/tailscale-android/pull/45

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          Another update; they actually merged this PR which added a custom server input box!