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    Why not target WASM instead of JS/TS? (Is the author on Lobsters?)

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      WASM isn’t just a “lower-level JS” and a completely separate execution environment. Features of JS might be cheap to use in WASM or not, depending on the amount of glue needed (e.g. JS numbers are notoriously FFI unfriendly).

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        I’m not the author, but WASM is not ready for general use yet. It can’t do much without requiring a heavy JS wrapper.

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          Figma runs on WebAssembly… I guess you could still argue it is not “general use”, but it certainly is production ready.

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            He’s the compiler, he can emit whatever code he wants, including arbitrary JS linkage via exports and imports on the instance.

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              Yes, but the JS linkage would have to be heavy. Have you seen how much bloat is added by Emscripten?