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      The Sun console font was such an incredibly beautiful font.

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        It used to be the OpenBSD default font as well. Unfortunately, I don’t think there were any larger sizes, so it had to be replaced due to high-resolution displays becoming more commonplace (plus I don’t think its glyph support was great). Nowadays, OpenBSD uses Spleen.

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          Spleen is beautiful in the opposite direction. I love it.

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        holy crap you’re right. It’s so pretty I had to double check to see whether it was actually monospace. Anyone know what font this actually is? Does it still exist?

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          On my Arch Linux system I have /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/sun12x22.psfu.gz owned by the kbd package which seems to look similar. Photo (excuse the photo of screen not sure of you can screenshot a Linux console).

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            Uhm, is it pretty? ;)

            O and 0 are nearly indistinguishable. Different letter width combined with fixed glyph width creates absolutely atrocious kerning in pairs like N/D, and the word “Mobile” looks like “Mob i l e” due to that issue.

            I don’t think trying to make it look proportional while staying monospace was a good idea.

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