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    I’m guessing that with many macOS engineers working from home, there just isn’t a traditional high level of collaboration like there is in the Apple offices.

    We’ll see. Maybe they finally have time to focus instead of being constantly interrupted in the glass colosseum.

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      I always had an office at Apple. Perhaps they’ve gone all-in on open plan since.

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        They did since they moved to the space ship. The glass colosseum is so bad that the chip-developers (A**) demanded not to be put in the large space offices and they got their own little office building on the campus instead.

        I hate large space offices so much…

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        What do you think is satirical here? It seems like a rational, good-faith argument for why the author thinks it’d be best for Apple to postpone 10.16.

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          The last one is kinda ridiculous though. Yes, there are a few mac users. There are even some who test one or more betas, but this will not even be a noticeable spike on any network graph, in the greater sense.

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            There are a lot of Macs deployed in businesses. Especially in huge clusters in major cities. If Apple puts out a major OS release, that’s a non-trivial amount of traffic on top of an already unusually-high-traffic situation (everyone working from home).

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              Any business with more than a handful or macOS devices to update will have deployed content caching the first time they saw the network getting trashed.

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            The big hint is right under the headline.

            Apr 1st, 2020 5:29 PM EDT | Editorial

            The other hint is that it’s preposterous.

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              Google already announced that they’re “pausing upcoming Chrome and ChromeOS releases” because of this.

              Do you believe that’s also “preposterous”, or that it was an April Fool’s joke that somehow got published a couple weeks too early?

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                Yes, it is also preposterous that Google would shut down work on a software product line because of a pandemic. Google has all the same remote work tools the rest of us do.