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In response to: https://lobste.rs/s/coxbxh/curse_xanadu_longest_running_vaporware


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    In case you’re interested in the technical basis of Xanadu that Ted defends, I wrote an explanation.

    I worked with Ted, & consider him a friend. While he is not a programmer, he is skilled in understanding data structures – a skill that was probably honed by working closely with the various computer science luminaries who have contributed to Xanadu over the years – and he tends to come out of simple, efficient, out-of-the-box solutions to problems that only look hard. Some of his core insights (for instance, that immutable data solves consistency problems and simplifies parallel access) are coming back into vogue, & I hope that this makes it easier for people to understand Xanadu designs (which I consider quite valuable).

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      Thanks for writing that - it’s been super useful.

      Immutable data and external markup are two key aspect which I think are really desireable. We keep getting closer to immutable data wiithin various applications (~git, ipfs, …) but external markup still has very little mindshare from what I see, which is unfortunate.