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    Post title: There is no gender gap in tech salaries.

    Actual result of main linked study: Looking only at people who graduated with a B.S. a year ago, there’s a 12% gap in “engineering and engineering technology” and a 23% gap in “computer and information sciences”. If you control for self-reported number of hours worked and type of employment, 2/3 of the gap disappears.

    Later, the blog post refers to a study indicating that the gap is “only” 14% when adjusting for hours worked and not 23%.

    The blog post then concludes with, “Despite strong evidence suggesting gender pay equality, there is still a general perception that women earn less than men do, and this perception is just one more factor discouraging women from entering the tech space.”

    To be fair, I didn’t bother reading the last two studies the author linked to, but they didn’t seem relevant. One is a study of part time workers only. From the abstract, the other is a study from the 80s that concludes that the gender pay gap is from cohort effects, which is directly contradicted by the first study.