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    I did not make this. ZZT is a game creation system from the 1990s, and Tim Sweeney’s first game release. It made enough money to fund Jill of the Jungle, which made enough money to fund Unreal, which…

    The Reconstruction of ZZT is a reverse-engineered recreation of the source code to the last official release of ZZT, ZZT 3.2. The output executable is byte-for-byte identical with said release, which means that the source code accurately represents the original engine’s behavior.

    The intent behind this project is to facilitate improved preservation and accessibility of ZZT’s worlds and community, as well as facilitate new, exciting developments.

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      This is really very nice to see; ZZT was one of the first games/game engines I played with in the mid-nineties. Worlds of ZZT on twitter and The Museum of ZZT are two of my favourite online locations when I feel like scrolling through and exploring a hidden world or two.

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        Swing by sometime, the Museum’s associated Discord (yeah, I know) is currently exploding with all kinds of patches being bandied around, and there have been some great releases in the past couple of years.

        Here’s an article reviewing the 2010s of ZZT.