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Searching for “make” has 30,000 results (although that’s hard because “make” is a common word)


“cmake” has 343 results


“bazel” has 73 results


A lot of these stories are tagged with “programming” or “devops” but I think having a more specific tag for build systems would help sort things a little better.

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    Nix would fit under this tag as well.

    1. 2

      “Programming” also covers the programming environnent or does not? A full blown unix programming environment article might be “practices” but a (build) tool alone still fits in the “programming” umbrella which is by default quite large

      1. 5

        Maybe I just hate the programming tag because it’s so general.

      2. 2

        I think we may be overdue for a tools tag–would that slight generalization satisfy you?

        1. 1

          Sure looks like this didn’t go over well.

        2. 1

          “toolchain” or “tooling”, perhaps?