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      Anyone know what the default queue does?

      “default – the default queue, does what it says on the tin” didn’t really help me much!

      I’m also confused by the difference between the ingress queue and the pull queue.

      From keeping an eye on the Sidekiq dashboard on my own (single user) instance I’ve noticed that the push queue is by far the busiest, followed by the pull queue. I would expect that those should get a lot more processes/threads than the others, though maybe multiuser servers have different queue usage patterns.

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        default All tasks that affect local users
        push Delivery of payloads to other servers
        mailers Delivery of e-mails
        pull Lower priority tasks such as handling imports, backups, resolving threads, deleting users, forwarding replies
        scheduler Doing cron jobs like refreshing trending hashtags and cleaning up logs
        ingress Incoming remote activities. Lower priority than the default queue so local users still see their posts when the server is under load

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          So ingress is incoming-push, while pull is locally originated