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    Someone should take all those example functions and make a library out of them.

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      It’s more or less the goal of Zepto.js http://zeptojs.com

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      So, I point this out because it’s useful to know what JQuery is actually doing under the hood in most cases; it’ll improve your knowledge of the DOM and of Javascript.

      In addition if you’re only using one small part of the JQuery library, it may not be worth the full include to get the job done.

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        I usually have the opposite problem, I use my own Javascript until I want to use some plugin that requires JQuery. It usually doesn’t make sense to rewrite it, so I have to bring in all of JQuery. Case in point, Lobsters doesn’t use much Javascript, but Rails needs it for its dynamic form doodads and the plugin for the tags <select> box on the story submission page.

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          What about other browsers like Firefox and chrome?