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    Who cares if the servers are in Iceland? Your business is not, and is subject to your local laws.

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      True, but if the authorities come knocking and request data, it might be out of reach because it’s located in Iceland.

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        If you are within reach, your data is within reach. The authorities will lock the business owner up until they provide the data.

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          Exactly. I made a similar argument about ProtonVPN being in Switzerland but having Americans in key positions. There’s some leverage right there.

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          If SimpleAnalytics is as privacy-friendly as it claims then it shouldn’t really matter, since the data they store can’t be used to identify individuals.

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            That’s why the CLOUD Act was passed last year.

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          If you draw a straight line from San Francisco to Amsterdam you will cross Iceland. Simple Analytics has most customers from the US and Europe, so it makes sense to pick this geographical location.

          Sure the shortest path between two points is a straight line, but that’s not how the cables are laid - the connection through Iceland has to go through Newfoundland and Greenland first - would’ve been better off hosting in Ireland or the UK if they only wanted a more direct connection path.

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            The UK at least is part of the 5 Eyes network the author is concerned about.

            FWIW I believe the Silk Road servers were located on Iceland, and the US government got to them anyway.

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              Additionally, one leak mentioned even more countries in the many eyes collaboration with only a few holdouts. There were 3 IIRC: Switzerland, Iceland, and one I can’t remember. I figure U.S. could more easily pressure Iceland than Switzerland. Hence, Switzerland with no Five Eyes citizens having control of the organization or access to its key assets.

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                There’s Project Eschalon which is the “5 Eyes,” but also “9 Eyes” and “14 Eyes” …

                The countries belonging to the “5 Eyes Alliance” include:

                • USA
                • Canada
                • UK
                • Australia
                • New Zealand

                The “9 Eyes Alliance” adds:

                • France
                • Norway
                • The Netherlands
                • Denmark

                And the “14 Eyes Alliance” adds:

                • Germany
                • Italy
                • Spain
                • Belgium
                • Sweden
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                  Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I couldn’t remember the numbers. It’s on Wikipedia here.

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            Full disk encryption does not prevent your VPS host from reading your disk. The decryption key is necessarily in memory if the disk is to be used.