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    I use xbps for some years now and it is great!

    Coming from pacman, having to use a different command for different operations (xbps-query, xbps-install, etc) reminds me of debian (apt-cache, apt-get, etc). It was a HUGE improvement to see that now apt allows you to type apt install or apt search. First, because apt is short and easy to type. Second, because I can fast switch from search to install using C^w.

    Are there any plans to implement similar mechanism in xbps?

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      i use vpm (https://github.com/netzverweigerer/vpm) for this functionality

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        I use fish shell abbreviations for this functionality.

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          Many of us use xi to install and xlocate for searching… The tools are as they are and not going to change for no reason.

          Also some of us use vim keybound shells, and can change words easily that way too.

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            Are you saying that it is common to not use xbps for the tasks it was made for? Is this because xbps is not the best tool for the job? I am not sure if I understand correctly. Shouldn’t xbps be the best tool for this particular task?

            For me a good reason for change is an improvement.

            I could use 3rd party script. I could write my own script or alias for every workflow I have. I believe in not doing those things and rather work towards better defaults and a solution that will not require customization from the get go, because it is not good enough. I am surprised that it is common to not to use xbps as it is.

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              It’s common enough to use xbps, but definitely check out the xtools package, from one of the maintainers. They wrap xbps with some superhero-like powers.

              And, ultimately, the project “xbps” is not convinced that replacing hyphen with a space is actually a major UI/UX win.

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                I think you are right that replacing hypen will not change much. My point was that the fact that xbps is being replaced or wrapped by other tools is a sign that xbps itself is not good enough. Wouldn’t it be better if xbps was making users happy to the point where writing a custom wrapper is no longer needed? Unless my understanding is wrong and xbps is meant to be a set of low level tools that are to be used in higher level scripts.

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                  XBPS is a set of plumbing tools that themselves are used on the backend to create and build all the other packages. They happen to be very user friendly. Xtools is a set of scripts that take away the pain points of things like “where can I find bin/qq” and “install this package even if it’s in my local repo” that developers like using but are also rather user friendly.

                  I’m reminded too of Parkinson’s Law of Buildings: when your perfect facilities are finally built it’s because the growth and improvement have ended.

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            xbps() { cmd=$1; shift; xbps-$cmd "$@" }
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            Oh man, ignorepkg is great. Now a custom linux-libre package won’t have to exist alongside the firmwares pulled in by base-system (unless you went through all the effort to write some kindo fbase-system-libre).