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Hey everyone!

The programme for Haskell eXchange in London is finally getting settled, we’ll have 4 keynotes over the two days from Simon Peyton Jones, Lennart Augustsson, Simon Marlow and Luite Stegeman!

To check out the full list of speakers and their topics, go here:


Descriptions for some of the keynotes are still missing, hopefully it will be updated soon. We’re also announcing that there’s going to be a 2-day Hackathon over the following weekend where the focus will be on improving the Haskell infrastructure, anyone should feel free to come and if you’re a beginner that wants to start contributing to the Haskell infrastructure, you’ll be able to get help from experienced contributors.

Read the full description and register here (it’s free):


Finally, if you want to get 25% off on the conference ticket, you can use the promo code HASKELL-EXCHANGE-25, it should be valid until September 12th!

Hope to see you there! :)


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    Hackathon URL changed? Is now: https://skillsmatter.com/conferences/7316-haskell-hackathon-2015

    It’s stuff like this that makes me wish I was in London (Skills Matter is brilliant).

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      such diversity. wow.