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    Clicking “Preview” gives me “Unexpected error”. I’m sure there is a hidden meaning there somewhere.

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      stell’bsna hrii vulgtm chafh’drn h’phlegeth, shtunggli kn’a cron ngathg athg h’sgn’wahl llll n’gha sll’ha uln, h’ah throd uh’e unordered_map tharanak uln r’luh Cthulhu fhtagn uh’enyth ph’fhtagn __has_include.

      So that’s why it didn’t work. My Necromonicon doesn’t have the unordered_map passage.

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        It was in the Tchernobog R’yleh 1 (tr1) namespace.

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        Some useful links:

        DIS stands for Draft International Standard.


        Hashes of archived n4660.pdf:

        CRC32:  0e229cd7
        MD5:    3cc1c1c0f4a3a969d44d699f710a7907
        SHA1:   99cbb72495fae9d5376e84d191d0ed37ffdac74c
        SHA256: 1706ca84c49a83a6da5bb0557e044fe9a5d6788685439a04bc793a077e6c71d3
        SHA512: bfa1032ccbd46a6cb7be969476febc519883198da1bf97763b13f92554412f260712db5ad2d7e6bfd763a4c33c0d087f72a7271118b3e0597a45b1ea356e7266
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            ’tis true: C++ can encode calling up monsters from the vasty deep.

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              And then, destructors are not that virtual, are they?

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                Why, so can I, or so can any man;

                But will they come when you do call for them?

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                I’m lucky to have just seen https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/997:_Wait_Wait today.

                Otherwise, I would not have laughed. Good one.