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    I know some of these are whimsical but there are a couple that I actually find pretty cool, or at least entertaining to think of:

    • The “punchline” of the Apple Hextended is actually kind of a thing. (Unaffiliated, I’ve just wanted one, like, forever).
    • The iPod Micro is cool. I think the author of this article understates how cool that would’ve actually been, mecause the iPod Shuffle, on which that is a ploy, did not have a screen and it didn’t have a click wheel per se, it had four buttons with wheel-like contact surfaces. I had one, and I really liked it because it was super practical (I commuted a lot back then – it was easy to clip on the inside of my pocket and I could use it without taking it out) but the absence of a screen made it weird to use, and the clickwheel-like, but non-clickwheel buttons were not very intuitive.
    • A Mac made of marble is probably on the whimsical side but I’d totally get a laptop with a marble texture instead of boring meh gray.
    • The NeXT laptop, which reminds me of the Amiga laptop that never happened. I suspect this never happened because back when NeXT workstations were a thing, fitting all that into a laptop case was impractical and likely useless due to power consumption, whereas later on, when OpenStep became a thing, you could basically get that with a laptop running Solaris or Windows NT.
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      I think Dana’s creations are great - equal parts nostalgia, humor, what-if and inspiration.

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        Oh these are fantastic. It’s as though Salvador Dali was into 1990’s industrial design.