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    Well that was a rollercoaster of emotions! My rough thoughts while reading this:

    1. “Ugh, another yegor256 post. Well, probably should read it before complaining about his bad takes.”
    2. “‘Anal Probe’? Really?”
    3. “Okay, I have to admit this is actually a pretty good list of antipatterns. Could use some examples though.”
    4. “That was pleasantly surprising. Wait, what’s this link on the bottom?”
    5. “These were all just copy pasted from here! AND the original didn’t call one of them ‘Anal Probe’!”
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      archive.is isn’t (responding) right now, but Wayback has Carr’s blog at: https://web.archive.org/web/20160605001457/http://blog.james-carr.org:80/2006/11/03/tdd-anti-patterns/

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        Glad to see “Line Hitter”, which doesn’t seem to appear in Carr’s blog post. When someone brags about having 100% code coverage, my default retort is that doesn’t imply their tests are actually checking anything ;)