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    I can really recommend Fraidycat. I find the experience using it so much better than any other feed reader I’ve used (except rss2email, which I stopped using for different reasons), and have even replaced the Lobsters front page with its section in Fraidycat.

    By getting rid of unread counters and using a river-of-news-ish interface, I feel much less stressed in staying up to date. I check it every morning and feel happy.

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      Note that rsshub.app (no affiliation) can convert a lot of web things into RSS.

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        Odd the .cat TLD wasn’t used here.

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          It’s hard to get unless you live in or operate your business out of Catalonia.

          Edit: not entirely true, but still tricky https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/.cat

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            This is very on-brand for Catalonia…

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              I kind of want to say meow and look at pictures of cats for ten minutes now.

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              I had zero problems getting tilde.cat which has nothing to do with Catalonia.

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                I thought providing a Catalan translation was enough?

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            It’s best to use standalone desktop app, as browser extensions tend to lose all subscriptions (happened for me too).

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              Oh, thanks for letting us know. A shame that the desktop one doesn’t sync