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    ugh, I didn’t hate coffeescript before, but maybe now I do… To be honest, “The var keyword cannot be local to a block in JavaScript, just a function.” is what I really hate. All I want is a variable. Why can’t I have a variable? Why must it be a function and a parameter masquerading as a variable?

    I think the scoping rules are one of my favorite things about Lua. They make sense, in every scenario and piece of code I’ve ever written, and I’ve never been burned. Both python and ruby have weird scoping rules, like the above javascript rule, that conspire against me.

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      Wait, you hate coffeescript because of Javascript’s scoping rules? That’s a bit odd. :)

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        coffeescript is supposed to the javascript that does what I want. Except it doesn’t. I think it’s fair to hold them to a higher standard because they’re promising to fix the things I don’t like.