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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      No longer worried about a job! Got one thanks to a friend who is also on this site (Thank you!)

      Don’t start for a few weeks now, so I have to decide how to spend my now-vacation time! Should be fun and relaxing.

      Probably work a bit on a small-community “D&D Social” webapp i’m working on.

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        Congratulations about the job!

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          Thanks! I’m pretty pleased to have moved on from the last place. It was pretty toxic.

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        Enjoy those few weeks, that’s by far the greatest kind of vacation you can get, because not only do you not have to work, you also get to enjoy a fully free mind that doesn’t have to worry about the tasks that wait for you afterwards.

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      Seeing the nephews, taking a breather, maybe touching my little Zig card table simulator project a tad, but nothing intense. It’s a great sunny weekend!

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      Apparently the Spring Lisp Game Jam is this week, so maybe I’ll dive in on that.

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      Trying to figure out why my LG TV claims not to be able to connect to any DNS server even when a logging DNS proxy server reveals that it can make DNS requests just fine. 🤔

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        I’ve seen similar in IoT devices that expect to always be talking to a DNS server controlled by the vendor that responds to some non-public names to specifically identify itself to the device.

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      I’m working on a Brainfuck implementation in Interlisp.

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      Gonna sink some time into my demo. That, and catching up on chores and sleep.

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      A very dear friend of mine and my wife’s is coming to stay this weekend along with her daughter… looking forward to it as she lives a couple hours away so we don’t see her a lot.

      On the tech front, really bashing my head against the wall on a 4 port 2,5gb firewall unit I bought. VyOS nor Opnsense seems to work right with it, probably just going to go back to my old hardware as Im about at my wits end.

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      Going for a picknick with my girlfriend, drinking cold chocolate and eating snacks, otherwise probably sleep a lot.

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      Finally finishing up the restoration of a marble table that cracked the day I acquired it, eight years ago. It was a little mistreated afterwards, because “Eh it’s broken, whatever!” and then was stored in poor conditions for a while.

      Started last weekend. Stripped old sealer, joined the broken pieces with epoxy, started the lowest grit of polish. Now I have 2-3 hours of polishing left, and then an hour for two coats of sealer, and it’s done!

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      Working on a full stack framework with coil, motto is convention over config to the extreme 😸 if a view file isnt present itll have a sane default derived from the model with a data from a sane sql query etc.

      gonna work on connecting to a postgres database on the train ride to kitchener i think.

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      Finishing garden prep and putting the vegetables in the ground. I should really do the new bed building in the fall, but better late than never. The plants are ready to get much bigger than the starter pots.

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      Spending it far away from the computer, have a friends wedding and then we will spend sunday by the sea in the Costa Brava.

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      Going to a play-date for my son and hopefully not thinking about work at all.

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      Family trip for the kids to visit their great grandfather again (it has been a long time). Later on I plan to update barf.bt.ht to support OpenBSD and MacOS by default, since my main machines are now running 7.3 :)

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      My manager explicitly told me I’m not allowed to work this weekend, so I’m working and committing it Tuesday, and using the long weekend to implement the Freedesktop Secrets API in Rust (something I’ve been wanting to do for months)