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      Does anyone know how Stork compares to the superficially similar tinysearch?

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        Tinysearch is great! Matthias and I have chatted a few times since releasing our respective projects, and his work is really cool.

        He leans into the algorithmic aspect of search: his project implements a bloom filter, which means the index size is smaller, but means that Tinysearch can’t easily implement excerpt previews and prefix searches (“term” -> “terminal”) like Stork can. He also built Tinysearch for people who were more willing to set up a WASM blob in their own site, whereas Stork tries to abstract away the WASM-loading aspect for people who don’t necessarily want to deal with that.

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          Thank you for explaining! After searching with both, I find that Stork’s additional features like excerpt previews are crucial for usability, so between the two I would only consider Stork for production sites at this time. I’ll probably tinker with Tinysearch for funsies though :)

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      Congratulations on the 1.0 release. ✨

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        Thank you! :)