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In some cases we get stories mis-tagged with crypto when they should be tagged with merkle-trees. Maybe expanding adding the suffix to crypto would help cut down on these issues?

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    Some rough thoughts: I guess I am a bit curmudgeonly about the term “crypto” getting taken over by “cryptocurrency” after several decades of use, it’s a bit galling to cede the term. Though at some point, yeah, it’s a practical reality that’s not worth confusing people over. We’ve seen cryptocurrency promotion get tagged both with crypto and merkle-trees so I’m not really sure expanding to cryptocurrency would change anything; I think all technical communities are going to continue to suffer from promotion for at least a few more years.

    Worth discussing, though, maybe someone has more pros or cons? Maybe it’s worth just trying for a year?

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      I’ve renamed the crypto tag to cryptography. There’s strong support for it, it’s cheap, and implicitly ceding a little ground to scammers is a pretty negligible downside.

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        I think the realistic view is that it has become ambiguous and would be regardless of what the new referent that “takes over” is. What are the cons in expanding it to “cryptography” exactly? I don’t see any, only pros.

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          I would rather not have any bitcoin related stuff on the site if possible.

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            Add a cryptocurrency tag, then when used, show a warning like with banned domains and don’t submit the url. Sort of like a fishbait tag. You can add one for business news as well. Preventive moderation of sorts

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              Tbh, I’m pretty appreciative of the similar stance for the ml tag.

              On another note, I do kind of wish there was a more general programming-languages or pl-design tag, as a lot of things that get tagged plt aren’t really PL theory, more about PL design etc?

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                What do you think about this plan:

                1. Add suffix for cryptography
                2. Add cryptocurrency
                3. Hotness mod cryptocurrency of -0.5
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                  There are technical aspects of cryptocurrencies that are technical, on-topic, insightful (presumably? I don’t read them), and I don’t think it would be fair to apply a hotness downgrade to them.

                  The problem is cryptocurrency promotion/spam, which isn’t on-topic at all. Lobsters also gets a fair amount of spam on other topics like cloud wazamabobs we don’t downgrade the entire topic for it.

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                    If it’s described as a cryptocurrency, then it’s likely already moved into the scam category. There are interesting uses for verifiable append-only ledgers. There are interesting use cases for distributed consensus algorithms. These have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies other than the underlying technology.

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                      I do happen to agree that at a first approximation all cryptocurrencies are scams, but even a more charitable reading would lead them to fall under the umbrella of “business news” and thus off-topic anyway.

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                      I thought we use merkle-trees for the technical aspects?

                      A downgrade is just a downgrade; e.g. culture tags are downgraded. If the link is good, votes will still rise it to the top.

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                    I am in favor of expanding the existing tag to cryptography and keeping the implicit ban on cryptocurrency promotion by only keeping the relevant merkle-trees tag.

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                    So merkle-trees are a data structure used by cryptocurrency, but the data structure is used in other contexts as well. I suppose it’s possible there will be crypto currencies that don’t rely on such trees.

                    Perhaps add the suffix for cryptography and add a separate cryptocurrency tag?

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                      my understanding is that the merkle-trees tag is a sort of implicit “this content isn’t welcome here” for cryptocurrency-related articles that don’t immediately focus on the technology involved.

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                        What’s the point of having this coded language? What is somebody posts something that is actually about Merkle trees? Should it then not use the tag?

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                          Technical discussions around Merkle trees are on topic.

                          Cryptocurrencies outside that are not.

                          That’s the reason for the tag denomination change.

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                            in my experience most cryptocurrency articles are literal spam or written by scammers. the only ones that aren’t discuss the technology or design separate from the tokenomics/economics of the currency involved. I don’t know why the topic isn’t banned outright, you’d have to ask the admins here about that.

                            incidentally, I wonder what the most filtered tags are. Merkle-trees is probably up there.

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                              I think that what janus meant is that Merkle trees are used in a wide variety of domains totally unrelated to cryptocurrencies.

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                                And those areas are on topic, as there is a tag for them…

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                            Ah, that makes perfect sense.

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