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Hello Lobste.rs,

I want to share a fresh install of Lobste.rs with a slightly modified UX, repurposed for the investing & personal finance communities. Since the flow of news in this area is much lower than IT, I tried shifting the focus from link aggregation to question-asking and conversation. My hope is for investing to be the primary topic of the site, but I expect the conversation to inevitably segway into personal finance at times.

The current PF/FI/RE communities are plagued with low-signal posts and off-topic comments. I believe Lobste.rs is THE software that can solve this, and I’d like to thank everybody who contributed to the codebase.

I also assume there’s a potential userbase overlap with Lobste.rs, since most of you who work in computing are well-positioned to retire early. As pushcx mentioned in #lobsters, there’s a running joke on r/financialindependence that they are 99% software engineers.

It’s live at bitmia.com – if you’d like an invite, feel free to message me here or request one on the site. Hopefully when/if this catches fire it will be a nice addition to your daily reading.

Would be great to get your feedback.

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    So I imagined what it must be like to be someone who’s not interested in computer science to visit lobste.rs: a lot of terms that don’t mean anything to them, discussions that casually use weird jargon, and a lot of things that appear to be inscrutable magic with numbers and graphs and such.

    That is what finance and investing is to me.

    (Good work I’m sure and thank you…just…I wouldn’t even know where to begin.)

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      Good work I’m sure and thank you…just…I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

      There is a wealth of information which can indeed be rather overwhelming. When I just got started reading about this stuff, I kept seeing the same books recommended over and over. These are:

      • Rich dad, poor dad. Interesting book where a guy asks his best friend’s dad how he got rich, and he provides the two guys with a series of lessons. This is very much about the mindset of not spending money you don’t have and how to make the money you have work for you. It’s very easy to understand, reasonably well-written and not too long at ~200 pages.
      • The Richest Man in Babylon. Similar to the preceding book, this is about mindset, but this one gets more to the fundamentals. It’s about a guy who asks the richest man in Babylon how he got so rich, and gets advice. I like the “secret ancient wisdoms” style of writing.
      • The Millionaire Next Door. In this book (which I found written in a boring style but YMMV) the authors interviewed wealthy but “normal” people about their habits.

      For more information about investing, stocks and related terminology, see investopedia and the Bogleheads wiki, the latter is mostly about index funds (a very reliable and simple way to start investing without it turning into a second day job).

      Blogs that provide good info:

      • Mr Money Mustache, a software engineer who used frugal living and side income (through his blog) to become financially independent. His earlier posts are great reads, his later are (IMO) mostly fluff.
      • I Will Teach you to be Rich is a pretty comprehensive blog about “living the rich life”, in every sense of the word. It also has an “ultimate guide to personal finance” that’s worth a read. This blog is a spin off from a book which is on the New York Times bestseller list. I haven’t read it myself, so can’t comment on it. Personal finance-wise, the author focuses on “Big Wins”, in which frugal living is not an important factor. If you read Mr Money Mustache’s review of the book (which applies to the blog too), you’ll get a quick idea of the difference in world views between the two.
      • Early Retirement Extreme is exactly what the name says: A very extreme (frugality-wise) approach to early retirement. Also written by a former software engineer, mind you!

      Now these might not be the very best resources (I have not reached financial independence myself), but it should give you a good place to start.

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        And with a seemingly feudal society where multiple, large groups build megaliths with instructions expressed exclusively in a single language shouting at each other in different languages. Small to tiny islands form in the middle and coasts with their own spoken tongue and building style.

        They do work together sometimes. All insist on putting any piece of content in packets first. Some groups put those into more packets nested many layers deep. Observers wonder about the inefficiencies or perhaps religious symbolism of the packets.

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          I can most certainly relate to this feeling. However, lurking on all sorts of obscure boards has worked for me in the past, so if you’re even somewhat interested in making sense of your finances or participating in fin markets, I’d say simply sticking around and scanning the feed from time to time is a good way forward.

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          I love it. I was about to create something like this. Could you please invite me?

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            Thanks – invite sent! Since you were about to create something similar, mind jumping into #bitmia on Freenode? I’m still not sure about a couple of things and it would be nice to bounce some ideas off you.

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              Sure. I will connect in these days so that we can talk.

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            Thanks for creating it! I’d like an invite too. I sent a public request, if that’s the right procedure.

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              Thank you for joining!

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              Where did the name come from? I initially assumed it would be about bitcoin (which is a negative to me), but it doesn’t seem like it is.

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                Nah, it’s just a domain that I have owned for a long time and I decided to use it because it’s a short, pronounceable .com

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                Really cool, I would like to get an invite as well!

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                  Is there a list of all of the Lobste.rs sibling communities?

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                    Yep: https://github.com/lobsters/lobsters/wiki

                    (There are likely more we’re unaware of; they’re under no obligation to tell us they exist.)

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                      Thank you! very cool to see lobsters being used more!

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                        It’s just such an ingenious piece of code – I’m sure it will end up being used across the whole spectrum of subjects!

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                    I’d love to join in, may I get an invite? :)

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                      Sure, feel free to request one here.

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                      This is a really good start. I’ll request an invite on the site.