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      This is great news for me! I’ve been waiting for somewhere to take my project that is stuck on Elm 0.18, and hoping that Rescript plus its ecosystem would mature to that point. Thanks for sharing!

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        Funnily enough, the Elm 18 to 19 transition is what caused us to move to Rescript too.

        Have you seen Philip2? https://blog.darklang.com/philip2-an-elm-to-reasonml-compiler/

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          Yeah, we had some conversation about this at the time. But at that point there was a ton of churn in the bucklescript space, and reasonml/Rescript has seemed much more focused on React, so I didn’t make a move yet.

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        Will the legend of i18n woes continue?

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          :-) Rescript has plenty of escape hatches and is easy to bind to browser APIs. My woes are much more likely to be self inflicted and I’ll keep them to myself!

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          I’m not familiar with the woes - can you provide context?

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              Ah, yes, rescript shouldn’t have the Native code issues, it’s very easy to write wrappers to JS functions, and many libraries wrap JS libraries and provide rescript-y APIs to them.