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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      $work: Putting out fires.

      !$work: Coming out of a years long depression/anxiety spiral that involved advanced medical science, religious trauma, family trauma, and just general bullshit.

      Feels good to be back.

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        Welcome back!

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      Mostly driving Whistler, BC -> Sun Valley, ID for one last play in the powder before mountain bike season starts (for me) in Moab, UT the following week.

      Between driving and snowboarding, working on neoq (https://github.com/acaloiaro/neoq) with a former coworker who has taken an interest in the project as well.

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      Travelling from India back to Edinburgh after my holiday to continue my Phd.

      Work: implementing a minimal theory of SSA for formal verification in Lean (github.com/bollu/SSA).

      Fun: reading “a very short introduction to Heidegger”, and raging at how none of the arguments make sense or feeling compelling. It reads like nonsense to me, so I’m hoping that sparring with someone about it will make it have more sense.

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      I don’t know; I’ve run out of easy stuff on my todo list.

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      • Fixing a small issue on Eventline (never hardcode a resource name as being somehow special if it can be deleted by the user).
      • More work on my Common Lisp OpenAPI implementation. Most of the core work is done, I can execute operations and decode responses, but I still have a few things to support such as request body encoding and header parameters.
      • A netrc implementation in Common Lisp. Because I do not want to copy paste API tokens in SLIME everytime I work with a HTTP API.
      • Advancing my article on the state of Common Lisp implementations in 2023. Interesting but needs research.

      I like this kind of topic, it forces me to focus on short term goals.

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      Taking F# for a spin. It’s been fun so far. I’m still working out how to get around the lack of early-out return for guard clauses.

      I’ve been looking for a language with extensive standard libraries that I can make binaries for tool writing with no extra third party dependencies. I’ve never done much with .NET, but there’s quite a bit of batteries built in when I was trying out C#. The binaries bundled with the runtime are pretty big though (~9 MiB is the best I can do). Go is the next stop on this voyage.

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        I recently found out I’m going to need to pick up C# for an upcoming project at work. So far, the .NET API’s are at least … comprehensive if not always super ‘ergonomic’ for me coming from more of a Rust/Python background. F# sounds nice but I don’t see the team going that direction.

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      Continuing on-call rotation at work.

      Continuing to build out https://rpgportrait.app. It’s funny how the more you work on a project the more work you find that it needs. :)

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      I’ll continue working on the book about Next.js I released a couple of months ago. I want the book to be living, with new content added regularly. I’m currently writing a chapter dedicated to handling images in a Next.js application :)

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      Still trying to take it easy a little post-covid. Apparently I’m in the mood to work on Garnet again, so I’ll probably be doing that. Now that basic typechecking appears to mostly work it needs some love in the codegen step instead of just using Rust’s type system everywhere.

      Also trying to keep working on work. Bleh.

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      $DAYJOB: same old same old. feeling a bit burned out by all the BS at work, and I haven’t taken a vacation in a year, so will be taking a week off.

      otherwise learning a bit about digital signal processing on the side and doing some fun audio signal processing as well which has proved both fun and frustrating at the same time. The problem is I didn’t take time to read through the theory beforehand, which is what I’m hoping to do. Continuing on piano and cooking journey as well!

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      I am developing an empathy towards those in the commercial printing industry, both the technicians and the illustrators. One of my volunteer projects is to unblock a convention’s registration system. Color and alignment is just so hard on these things. They come out looking like some blurry CRT.

      Also Pillow (python) saves images at 75% JPEG quality in PDFs and there’s no way to change it without patching Pillow.

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      Yesterday I finished adding support in CHERIoT RTOS for creating sealed pointers to objects statically. This is the foundation for being able to grant arbitrary software-defined capabilities to compartments. Now that this is in place, we can start thinking about adding quotas to heap allocations and also do fun things like allow a compartment to access the network but only connect to a specific host.

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      I’m on call & also our team’s interrupts handler this week. I’m focusing on removing some of the alert noise from our services.

      On the home front I took the day off yesterday so could take son to see a friend. He lives 90 minutes drive away, so they don’t see each other in the flesh very often. Indeed it’s the first time we’ve been there.

      Also have found some time to get home-manager working.